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Presenting Reading Lab, a new face for an ideology that has been providing for the community’s educational needs. Established in 2006, we have laboriously designed, developed and run proven reading and essay writing programmes in English and Bahasa Malaysia for children. Our programmes are led by highly trained instructors who are more than just ordinary English or Bahasa Malaysia tutors.

Our Kids

Kids from 4 to 17 years old may enrol into our reading and/or essay-writing programme at any juncture, provided, of course, that an assessment be done so that we can ensure our help effectively. Our English Reading & Essay Writing Programme is divided into different levels to cater to the different English proficiency.

Our Programmes

Our programmes are designed in such a way that kids will not only know how to read out loud, but be able to make sense of what they read and develop an opinion through consistent exposure to discussions. And when the kids write, they practise analysing, exploring, linking and presenting. Our programmes are perfect complements for UPSR, IGCSE, and SPM.

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ReadingLab Mentors’ Training

Teaching a child can be a daunting task when preparation is not made a priority. It is easy, undoubtedly, to step into a classroom and engage with children about anything under the sun. But to make a productive impact, you need to be well prepared. “What would a child say?” Here at ReadingLab, we train […]

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Little Read Writing (Red Riding) Hood

We swear by the hair on our chubby chinny chin chins we did NOT see this coming. Recounting the events that led up to these pretty photos of our very own ‘Little Read Writing Hood’… 4 year old Jayden: I want the hood! Mentor 1: Alright! Here you go! You can have the hood! (Mentor […]

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Writing Class: Creative Writing

Everyone of ReadingLab’s kids came to us at different stages of reading ability. Of course, duh! Most can’t read yet. D was one of them. She even had a lisp then. Her speech has improved much through songs and poems. At onset, she struggled to pick up reading. Her elder brother was such an avid […]

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