ReadingLab TV Episode #6 | Comprehension vs Understanding

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Presenting Reading Lab, a new face for an ideology that has been providing for the community’s educational needs. Established in 2006, we have laboriously designed, developed and run proven reading and essay writing programmes in English and Bahasa Malaysia for children. Our programmes are led by highly trained instructors who are more than just ordinary English or Bahasa Malaysia tutors.

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Kids from 4 to 17 years old may enrol into our reading and/or essay-writing programme at any juncture, provided, of course, that an assessment be done so that we can ensure our help effectively. Our English Reading & Essay Writing Programme is divided into different levels to cater to the different English proficiency.

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Our programmes are designed in such a way that kids will not only know how to read out loud, but be able to make sense of what they read and develop an opinion through consistent exposure to discussions. And when the kids write, they practise analysing, exploring, linking and presenting. Our programmes are perfect complements for UPSR, IGCSE, and SPM.

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Comprehension vs Understanding – ReadingLab TV Episode 6

Here we go again! ReadingLab TV is back! Epi #6 – The fine line between comprehension and understanding At the end of the day, the consistency from extensive reading and writing done could only advance the thinking. So start them young. In case you haven’t watched Episode #5, you can watch it here: Follow […]


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Happiness: In the Words of an 8 y.o – ReadingLab TV Episode 4

What is “good writing”? Grammatically correct sentences? Creative ideas? An attention-grabbing storyline? Click the video below to find out our definition. Happiness: In the words of an 8-year-old. In case you haven’t watched Episode #3, you can watch it here:

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