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(Part 1) J. Rei & the Goose!

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Here is J.Rei. J.Rei is 5. J.Rei absolutely loves picking up a book from the library and reading it aloud. J.Rei has recently discovered his new-found reading power and is revelling in it. This is the start of something beautiful. Honk on, J.Rei! 🦆 Call us for more info! Kepong Chapter 03-6243-6080 016-311-9080 Ampang Chapter […]

Children's Classic Stories From Homer - ReadingLab

Children’s Classic: Stories from Homer

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Classic Stories from Home: A tale of abduction or love? Beauty comes in many forms. For the Spartans it came in the form of Helen, wife of the reigning king – King Menelaus. A prince of Troy having just recently discovered his princedom, too, was captivated by the beauty that she possessed. A golden opportunity […]

National Day Iban Dream - Golda Mowe

Iban Dream by Golda Mowe

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  ReadingLAB is celebrating this national month by reading stories that are rooted deeply in the multitude of cultures we possess. Local stories like Iban Dream, by Golda Mowe, deepens our kids’ knowledge of this diversity that makes us truly Malaysian. Today we celebrate us. Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!


Cerita Klasik Untuk Kanak-Kanak Yang Kian Dilupakan

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Masih ingat lagikah anda dengan kisah Sang Kancil yang cerdik. Rata-rata kita membesar dengan kisah-kisah teladan yang diturunkan sejak zaman berzaman. Kisah-kisah dongeng ini diperdengarkan sewaktu hendak tidur atau ketika bersantai duduk di beranda bersama atuk dan nenek. Pelbagai aksi dan tingkah dilakonkan mereka, juga dengan intonasi suara yang pelbagai untuk menarik minat kanak-kanak mendengar. […]


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WHY START THEM READING YOUNG with ReadingLab?   1. Good reading techniques and skills instilled at a young age make it easier to be imbibed as we mentor kids through the joyful experience of reading. Reading is not about knowing how to read out loud. It is more than that. Reading is the joy in […]