Raising Rebels – ReadingLab TV Episode 1

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Ever wondered what’s on the minds of the ReadingLab seniors? Well, wonder no longer. We’re venturing into television! In our episodes, we’ll be giving our two cents on matters that are close to our hearts, reviews on life-altering books, and feature various classroom activities across the levels. Follow us on social media so you don’t […]

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ReadingLab Mentors’ Training

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Teaching a child can be a daunting task when preparation is not made a priority. It is easy, undoubtedly, to step into a classroom and engage with children about anything under the sun. But to make a productive impact, you need to be well prepared. “What would a child say?” Here at ReadingLab, we train […]

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Writing Class: Creative Writing

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Everyone of ReadingLab’s kids came to us at different stages of reading ability. Of course, duh! Most can’t read yet. D was one of them. She even had a lisp then. Her speech has improved much through songs and poems. At onset, she struggled to pick up reading. Her elder brother was such an avid […]