Children’s Classic: Black Beauty

Classic Book | Black Beauty | ReadingLab

‘Do you know why this world is as bad as it is?’

The best of your years are your childhood years. Black Beauty seemed to think so. Growing up on an English farm in the kind hands of Farmer Grey and galloping on a large pleasant meadow with other young colts (six to be exact), how can life possibly get any better than this? Well, moving to Birtwick Park and finding a compassionate soul in Squire Gordon surely made life a little more spectacular. But, even from a young age Black Beauty knew that life was not all ‘large meadows and clear ponds’, for his mother, Duchess , made sure that he knew what to expect after his breaking in.

Black Beauty is a classic that will take kids on a ride through the life of an English horse and remind us that even animals have a story of their own.