Basic Reading

Our Preschooler English Reading classes are for the very young children who does not yet know a word of English; or who cannot read yet; or who can only read simple words In this initial English reading level, the kids are exposed to lots of stories and story books, learn to apply varying levels of [...]

Junior Writers

The reading of more complex children's books, the discussions of values and creative essay writing begin here.   Kids will be inundated with stories after stories so that they will have the joy of losing themselves in the plot and the characters. They will experience what it is like to walk in the shoes of [...]

Senior Writers

This is Literature Study with Creative Essay Writing.   What is the benefit of Literature Study & Creative Essay Writing? How will Literature Study help me in school, college and the universities?   The benefits are so myriad and far-reaching that we prefer Literature Study with Creative Essay Writing over the teaching of plain old [...]