Basic Reading

Our Preschooler English Reading classes are for the very young children

  • who does not yet know a word of English; or
  • who cannot read yet; or
  • who can only read simple words

In this initial English reading level, the kids are exposed to lots of stories and story books, learn to apply varying levels of phonics knowledge and to understand what they have read by way of thematic conversation, facilitated discussion and competitive practice sessions. Story reading sessions do not only enhance the child’s interest in written words but also to pique their curiosity to learn about the things around them.

Intermediate Reading Basic Writing

Level 1 - Seuss

This is the class to be where the preschoolers will be exposed to phonics and interaction in English. These children cannot yet begin to read in English. So this is where they will be read to, spoken to and even sang to in English. The kids will learn English through play. This is also the time when kids will be exposed to phonics apply ability.

Course Duration: 12 months to 18 months

Course Outline:
- Initial Language Development
- Learn to blend sounds
- Learn & practise 3-letter phonic words
- Learn & practise 4-letter phonic words
- Learn & practise 5-letter phonic words
*At all times, importance is placed on language & cognitive development through songs, poems, games, discussions, and being read to.

Level 2 - Blyton

This is the class for the ones who could read somewhat but has yet to be fluent. There will be practice sessions to improve reading fluency, discussions to assist understanding of English text, role-plays, games and competitions to get the kids to enjoy the process of practising and applying their knowledge of phonics and to encourage participation in story telling.

Course Duration: 4 months to 6 months

Course Outline: Reading Basic & Intermediate readers phonics story books with discussions and role-plays

Level 3 - Dahl

This is the place to be for those who have gotten over the first hurdle and is in need of more practice to cement their reading ability and to inculcate the love for books. Thus story books with slightly more intricate plots and characters are presented to them. This is also the place the kids will be exposed to a wider range of children’s books. Kids are encouraged to imagine, retell and perform play-acts to assist in their ability to follow more complex storylines.

Course Duration: 6 to 8 months

Course Outline: Reading a wide variety of children's story books with discussions and role-playing