Junior Writers

The reading of more complex children’s books, the discussions of values and creative essay writing begin here.


Kids will be inundated with stories after stories so that they will have the joy of losing themselves in the plot and the characters. They will experience what it is like to walk in the shoes of another, pick up life lessons, gain insights into life in another part of the world or of times gone by and most importantly about cause and effects. And this is how creativity is nurtured.


Along the way, the kids will participate in discussions on the many aspects of the books so they begin to learn to develop an opinion, be encouraged to put their thoughts onto paper and to pull all their resources together to pen all sorts of creative stories, argumentative and discursive essays.


Course Duration: 1 to 5 years (The course duration is also dependent on how quickly the kid could grasp the text presented to them, English proficiency background and whether the child is an avid reader.)


Course Outline:

  • Intermediate 1 – Nesbit – Reading simplified children’s classics and writing creative stories
  • Intermediate 2 – Carroll – Reading original children’s classics, writing creative stories and initial practice on discursive essay
  • Intermediate 3 – Doyle – Reading original classics and writing discursive essays focusing on developing creative content
Intermediate Reading

Level 4 - Nesbit

This is the first foray into an actual book with more complex plots and characters than they are used to before this. The ability to follow story line is nurtured here. This is the level where reading a lot will prepare them for the classics.

Level 5 - Carroll

As the name suggests, it is looking more challenging. In this level, kids are exposed to books with more descriptive vocabulary. Their imagination will have to work harder as they try to envisage the characters and the scenes now that more details are given. Kids also begin to learn to read and grasp messages or values between the lines in the text.

In writing, the kids will be exposed to developing content via the many different means.

Level 6 - Doyle

The exposure to classics begins here.

Reading classics exposes the kids to the beauty of the English language and also to histories of the world which play a very important role as they define who we are today. This knowledge will enhance problems solving and creativity. Kids learn analytical skills when they are required to compare and contrast the differences in different times and eras. They learn about cause and effect and consequences thus a more brilliant kid reading classics make.

In writing, the kids will continue to practise developing content in paragraphs, being more descriptive and to support their arguments with good reasons. Thus the ability to comprehend more of the life in and around us helps to produce a good piece of written work.