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This is Literature Study with Creative Essay Writing.


What is the benefit of Literature Study & Creative Essay Writing? How will Literature Study help me in school, college and the universities?


The benefits are so myriad and far-reaching that we prefer Literature Study with Creative Essay Writing over the teaching of plain old grammar rules (which is already taught in schools). The benefits of Literature Study and Creative Essay Writing are:

  1. It improves overall understanding and application of the English language.
  2. It exposes us to different writing styles and why people write the way they do.
  3. It enables us to learn to read deep into the voice of the writings and grasp subtleties, sarcasm, indirect meanings and messages in between the lines.
  4. It gives us insights into the minds and lives of another with different backgrounds, race, ethnicity, religion, mindsets, upbringing, heritage, educational backgrounds, geographical area, socioeconomic status, and also of those in times gone by.
  5. It exposes us to the different values held by different people from different walks of life and thus makes us compare and question.
  6. It reminds us to see from the perspective of others.
  7. It teaches us the values of other cultures and beliefs.
  8. It makes us more tolerant of others.
  9. Writing gives us moments to think and consider, to analyse and ponder, to wonder and create.
  10. Writing helps remembering.
  11. Writing helps us to understand our needs and aspirations better.
  12. Writing helps us to get in touch with our emotional self and calms our nerves.
  13. All in all, to exercise our brains, engage our intellect and turn us into thinkers who see far and deep.


Course Duration: 1 to 3 years


Course Outline:

  • Reading of classic and modern books with discursive writings.
  • Brainstorming, public speaking and discussion sessions with role-playing are also part and parcel of this program.

Level 7 - Dickens

The books that we read here are of different genres and cross continents in order to expose our young adults to the world and its reasons for being.