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Everyone of ReadingLab’s kids came to us at different stages of reading ability. Of course, duh!

Most can’t read yet. D was one of them. She even had a lisp then. Her speech has improved much through songs and poems. At onset, she struggled to pick up reading. Her elder brother was such an avid reader, it gave her pressure we believe. D’s initial reading progress was slow but she was determined. She drew when she could not read. She would tell stories when she got bored of doodling. As the years drew on, she grew more and more confident and her reading ability improved.

Delighted with her new ‘super power’, she read everywhere she went. The confidence she gained in her reading prowess moved her so much she wasn’t afraid to attempt reading classics and writing short persuasive essays with us at the tender age of 8. We are so proud of what she could do at the tender age of 8 due to the effort she has shown throughout the years. Bravo D! Keep it up and you will go places that I, your mentor, at my age could only dream of! I hope you will write with flair in time to come and be one of the rare breed in our motherland.

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