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(2023) Summer Holiday Programmes


Hi parents! We are happy to announce we are back with our intensive reading classes, creative writing workshops, and elocution training this July and August.

Our holiday intensive programmes have had a long rest (since MCO!) and are ready to make a comeback to nurture the young to become creative writers and eloquent speakers. Don’t miss out on these summer holiday programmes. Enrol your child today!

Kajang Chapter
TTDI Grove Square II
012-369-2303 (Tap to Whatsapp us now!)

Kepong Chapter

Laman Rimbunan
016-311-9080 (Tap to Whatsapp us now!)


(2018) Year-End School Holiday Programmes

~Holiday Reading Class (English)
~Holiday Reading Class (BM)
~Intermediate Essay Writing (English)
~Advanced Essay Writing (English)
~Monologues For Kids Holiday Camp 2.0

Holiday Programmes Kuala Lumpur 2018

As the year-end school holiday draws near, we are very excited to share with you the upcoming holiday programmes planned by our dedicated mentors for your boisterous preschoolers to your roaring teens.

Firstly, ReadingLab’s The Stage & I Holiday Camp is slated for the first weekend of December 2018. It’s a step into the world of monologues for kids and will be filled with character building activities revolving around our theme, ‘Back to the roots’. This is the best time of the year to get your kids out in the open field enjoying a game or two of old, making new friends, learning to be independent and experiencing what it takes to be a team-player whilst picking up some elocution skills.

Next, you may opt to enrol your kids into ReadingLab’s reading classes that will introduce them to a diverse range of books. Reading at an early age ensures the readiness of a child for school and will continue to pave a road for them when tertiary calls. Reading improves imagination, develops social-emotional skills, strengthens analytical abilities and of course stimulates creativity. So, don’t wait any longer. The younger they enjoy reading, the better!

For the teenagers in your midst, the advanced essay writing holiday programme will expose them to various techniques and strategies of essay writing. They, too, will be required to read numerous short stories, discuss, exchange ideas and thereafter pen their thoughts. Teens will be encouraged to speak up and speak out as they participate in mini debates, brainstorming and discussion sessions. The level of difficulty is tuned higher the older the bairns get, that they may see the world for what it is and what it could become.

Enrolments in October 2018 will enjoy an early bird discount of 10% for the holiday classes and 20% for the holiday camp.

For more information or assistance on our numerous holiday programmes, please feel free to contact the following personnels of the respective branches:

Kajang Chapter
TTDI Grove Square II
012-369-2303 (

Kepong Chapter
Laman Rimbunan
016-311-9080 (


(2017) Holiday Intensive Reading Class

6 to 10 years old

Is your child able to read fluently? Does your child understand what she reads? Most importantly, does she enjoy reading stories? Give your child the chance to engage in reading through active discussions and competitive games as well as fun activities. This experience will not only improve your child’s reading fluency but also put the fun back into reading stories from all around the world.

Reading can be fun

Commences Monday, 27th Nov to Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017.

Enrol before 10 Nov 2017 to get 40% early bird discount.

Limited space. Call us now to book a berth

Kajang: 03 – 8730 8898

Kepong: 03 – 6243 6080

(2017) Holiday Intensive Writing Class

10 to 16 years old

A child is able to write not just because he or she has memorised all the grammar rules and completed numerous comprehension exercises. A child is only able to write if he or she has something to say or an opinion to share about a wide variety of issues. This can only be achieved through lots of reading & discussions.

In ReadingLab, our writing classes centre around reading of different genre & active discussions on a variety of topics concerning the human beings residing on tiny Earth. This improves the child’s language as well as the mind.

Commences Tuesday, 28th Nov to Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017.

Call us now to book a berth.

Kajang: 03 – 8730 88998

Kepong: 03 – 6243 6080

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