Introducing our new The Stage and I Holiday Camp

The Stage and I Holiday Camp is an outdoor experience focusing on stage performance. Expose your child to performing on stage, nurturing their confidence to sing, recite poetry and act in plays while gaining the independence to handle themselves away from the comfort of home.

This!! In nature….

Does your child have the confidence to work the stage? Call us now to book a berth as it is limited. Enrol before Nov 10, 2017 to enjoy 25% early bird discount!


Kajang: 03 8730 8898

Kepong: 03 6243 6080

Ampang: 03 9200 1463



Of The Stage and I Holiday Camp


Day 1: December 1st, 2017 (Friday)

Time                                         Activities

12:00pm    –    1:00pm           : Gather at respective chapter / Travel to Outbac Broga

1.00pm     –    1.30pm             : Check in & Briefing         For the first time in forever

1.30pm      –    2.00pm           : Lunch                                      May I have some more?

2.00pm      –    3:00pm          : Ice-breaking                         Getting to know you

3.00pm      –    4.00pm          : Team formation                 Find your bunking mates!

4.00pm      –    4.30pm          : Rules of the Game              Uh oh!

4.30pm      –    5.30pm           : Group Activity 1                  I’ll make a man out of you

5:30pm      –    6:30pm          : Lesson 1                                   Let’s start from the very beginning…

6.30pm      –    8:00pm          : Wash up/Dinner                I am famished!

8:00pm      –    9.00pm          : Lesson 2                                  Let’s work those cords! Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo!

9.00pm      –    9.30pm          : Team Evaluation                 Who is leading?

9:30pm      –    10.00pm        : Clean Up                                  It’s easier than putting up a fight!

10.00pm                                   : Lights OUT                              I could have sung all night…


Day 2: December 2nd, 2017 (Saturday)

Time                                         Activities

7.00am      –    7.30am             : Start your engines!               Who will buy this wonderful morning?

7.30am      –    8.00am             : Breakfast                                   Food! Glorious Food!

8.00am      –    9.00am            : Group Activity 2                     Warm Up / Set the pace

9.00am      –    10.30am          : Lesson 3                                      ‘Beat it’

10.30am    –    12.00pm          : Lesson 4                                      How do we commit from paper to memory? Argh!

12.00pm    –    1.00pm            : Lunch                                           It’s about time!

1.00pm      –    2.00pm            : Team Evaluation                    Hey, we have got to crank up them engines!

2.00pm      –    4.00pm           : Lesson 5                                      Practise until you can’t get it wrong

4:00pm      –    4.30pm           : Group Activity 3                      Sleepy? We have got the remedy! Zumba!

4:30pm      –    5:00pm           : Downtime/Tea Break           A drink with jam and bread?

5.00pm      –    6.30pm            : Lesson 6                                     Let’s see what you have got

6.30pm      –    8.30pm            : BBQ                                              I never knew I had to work so hard for some food

8.30pm      –    10.00pm          : Group Activity 4                    Together we’ll be the greatest team!

10.00pm    –    11.00pm          : Clean up & Lights OUT       The sun has gone to bed and so must I


Day 3: December 3rd, 2017 (Sunday)

Time                                         Activities

6.30am      –    7.00am            : Start your engines! Come on, sleepy heads! Move those arms!

7.00am      –    8.00am            : Breakfast & Pack up!          Er..is it time already?

8.00am      –    9.00am            : Lesson 7                                   Go the distance

9.00am      –    11.00am           : Finale                                        Awww! My baby is all grown up!

11.00am   –    12.00pm            : Depart for home                  I never knew I would miss home so much.