Little Read Writing (Red Riding) Hood

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We swear by the hair on our chubby chinny chin chins we did NOT see this coming.

Recounting the events that led up to these pretty photos of our very own ‘Little Read Writing Hood’…

4 year old Jayden: I want the hood!

Mentor 1: Alright! Here you go! You can have the hood! (Mentor puts the hood on Jayden.) Oooo you look so pretty!

4 year old Jayden: I am led lie-ding hood! (Flapping the cloak)

Mentor 1: It is RED RIDING Hoooood!

4 year old Jayden: Wed Widing Hood! Wed Widing Hood! (Jumping around with glee and flapping the cloak with the hood)

Mentor 2: (gasps) Read Riding Hood! Paris!! Come! Put on your hood! We are going to have a photo shoot with READ WRITING HOOD!

Mentor 3: What? What is happening? It’s time to go home!

Mentor 2: Where’s my cauldron? Here is my spider! Quick! Where’s my cauldron? (Runs hither thither)

The Admin: How about putting the Spiderwick book series into the cauldron? (looks around) I can’t find them. Let’s just put Ladybird books! Mom is on her way. Quick ladies!

Mentor 3: (screams) No Ladybirds! Ladybirds don’t fit into this context! (Runs to the library and starts running her pointer along the row of books) I found it. Here are the Spiderwicks! Much better! May I add the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ storybook too? This is the perfect photo to embody context! Every little detail connects the dots to tell the story.

Mentor 1 clicks away with her camera phone.

Kepong Chapter

Ampang Chapter

Kajang Chapter

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