with ReadingLab?


1. Good reading techniques and skills instilled at a young age make it easier to be imbibed as we mentor kids through the joyful experience of reading. Reading is not about knowing how to read out loud. It is more than that. Reading is the joy in discovering what the world has to offer. It is like taking little trips around the world. Who doesn’t like travelling? Not I. These skills are needed so the children will continue to read not only by themselves, but will also be able to advance their cognitive skills with each book they devour.




2. Once good reading techniques and skills have been impressed on these young minds, reading a variety of genres in the near future will not be a chore. Here, we focus on reading classics with the children. Definitely not the norm! Understanding classics does not mean merely knowing the storyline. It is also about reading between the lines, analyzing the proposition of the writer, arguing for or against and even coming to one’s own conclusion on the insights gathered. The reading of something beyond us is like picking the brains of the gifted. It stretches the mind.


3. It is a whole lot easier to inculcate the reading habit from a young age. At preschool level, children are still learning through experience rather than instruction. It is more fun when reading is presented as play. On top of that, young children have more time on hand. Long school hours and homework have not started consuming their lives. Thus young children have a lot of waking hours to spend on sowing the seeds of right reading habits. Habits formed since young are more difficult to shake off especially when more distractions present themselves as the child grows.


Reading Lab Start Them Young


4. Being able to read and understand text prior to entering elementary school will make the transition from preschool a smooth one. Isn’t that boon to the many busy working parents? No crying-tantrum-throwing child. They would have developed the confidence and required cognitive skills to move around in bigger circles. Having read enough books beyond their years will supplement their understanding of the world out there and assist in coming to terms with changes and new transitions.
In short, Start Them Reading Young, a brilliant child makes. Great Big World, here they come!