14 Great Reasons Why We Encourage Children to Read

Reason #1

The child is exposed to the English vocabulary and the sentence structure.

Reason #2

The child is exposed to how English is used in daily lives.

Reason #3

The child finds reading a story more interesting over memorizing the meanings of words without the exposure to real life application.

Reason #4

And because reading a story is more interesting than mundanely memorizing, a child remembers how to use the new vocabulary better. The first improvement seen from a consistent reading habit would be better understanding of what he or she reads.

Reason #5

A lot of discussions on the many stories we read are done in class. We discuss the problems faced by the protagonists, the problems created by the antagonists while we get the children to relate to the life experiences of the characters in the book. As such, we would be talking and reimagining a lot too. As we discuss, the vocabulary and sentence structures in the book will be used too. This is application. Context helps the kids to garner a better understanding of the vocabulary and sentence structures.

Reason #6

When the child writes, the child is also practicing how best to use the new vocabulary they came across in the book.

Reason #7

When the child writes a story, the child practices how to arrange the story line chronologically.

Reason #8

As the child continues to read and write, the child develops more details and their writings become more specific. So the child by and by would have more to say.

Reason #9

The child is encouraged to develop an opinion about the books and its characters.

Reason #10

The child learns to give more details and specifics when they have to support their arguments or their opinions.

Reason #11

The child learns to arrange their supporting details so that it is more convincing.

Reason #12

The child develops analytical skills and the ability to see things/actions/events from different perspectives when they write argumentative/comparative essays.

Reason #13

Reading enables the child to travel the world without having to leave the classrooms. From reading, the child garners understanding of the world, the many different cultures and way of lives, the thousands upon thousands years of historical events that have brought us to this age and time, the evolution, the creation and destructions that have shape the world we live in today will help with the child’s imagination and creativity when they write. This child who reads becomes more knowledgeable not because the child memorizes facts, but because the child lives it through the many different types of books the child reads. The child understands. The child feels the many different emotions emancipated from the thick and thin stories of old and new. This helps with idea and creativity required when the child writes.

Reason #14

These children become more mature as they read, encounter, think and argue about the good and the bad around them.

How We Do It

Via Books Of Course
Lots of Books
Lots of Reading and Brainstorming and Discussion

The children read lots of different types & genre of storybooks from all over the world, Usborne young readers, Lady Bird young readers, the enduring fairy tales to the all time favorites such as Enid Blyton series, Dr Seuss series, popular teen fictions and all the way to the beautiful renaissance and romantic era of the classics.

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