Our Objectives

  1. To nurture readers
  2. To nurture writers
  3. To nurture thinkers
  4. To nurture confident kids who are not afraid to speak up, speak their minds and ask questions.
  5. To nurture dreamers who would one day discover what it is that they would love to do with their lives and develop a passion for it that they may excel and be exceptionally good at it.
  6. To nurture the future doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, civil-workers, artistes, chefs, entrepreneurs, uber-drivers, app-designers, inventors and beauty queens too to learn to be goal-driven, passionate about what they do, intelligently articulate, fiercely independent, awesomely creative and yet down-to-earth while they are still young and impressionable that we may all have a better tomorrow in good old mother Earth.

Why We Do What We do

  1. We love to read. We read all genre.
  2. We are convinced by the numerous benefits of reading. When a child reads readily, there will be no stopping her. She will continue to grow intellectually on her own as she plows through books after books. On top of that, books give secondary experiences. With these brain food, kids (even adults too) becomes more intellectually advance than their peers who do not read.
  3. We just love working with children!
  4. We are able to do a really good job with these young ones. We are able to advance the very good and yet not forgetting the ones who need more time and more help. So fret not. Even if your kids don’t read at home, at the very least they read with us. And this will bring immense benefit in later years.
  5. We want to do what we believe will bring about a better tomorrow for one and all.